1. Hurricane contains an enormous amount of energy
2. Is there enough solar energy available?
3. Third energy – What is it?
4. The EMU device will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air
5.The EMU device will reduce the destructive power of the storm
6. Other benefits of using the EMU device

Turn the EMU into a game – and save the world :-/.

Hurricane contains an enormous amount of energy

  • Hurricanes are scary, and the amount of energy they contain has seldom seldom been examined.
  • calculation tells us that it would take the Loviisa nuclear power plant (in Finland) 32 years to produce just the momentary kinetic energy contained in the wind of a hurricane.
  • It needs to be understood that the calculated amount of energy has not appeared instantly but has accumulated in the warmth of the sun over a longer period of time.

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Is there enough solar energy available?

According to a calculation, the sun delivers  approximately 120 000 TW of energy onto the surface of the Earth. In other words, on one square kilometer at the equator, the power of energy – at noon – is equal to that produced by one nuclear power plant.

Based on the statistical pattern below, we can estimate that in 2014  people consume approximately 20 TW of energy on Earth. A little less than one tenth of this energy is produced with nuclear power. This means that in Sahara all the energy that we need would land on a square with sides around 300 kilometers long. This would only amount 0.17 per mille of  the energy arriving on Earth from the sun.

A diagram of energy use in the world.

Statistics on energy use in 1971-2007

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 Third energy – What is it?

The EMU device can be used to convert kinetic energy of waves and the air, and also potential energy of the waves, into electrical energy. Because it is problematic to store or transfer the electrical energy outside the EMU in the hurricane, the electrical energy is converted into third energy inside the device.

The idea is that the wind in a hurricane is the first energy, which is converted into electrical energy through generators. This energy is then further converted / stored as suitable third energy.

Obtaining energy through the proposed EMU devices is practically pollution-free, and we would not run out of energy were it to be producted through a massive enough quantity of EMU devices.

Possible types of third energy include chemical energy.
The simplest idea would be to charge batteries with EMU.
The next idea would be to break down water chemically into hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen, however, is difficult to store. It needs huge pressure tanks and is highly explosive.
The most interesting idea would be to do the kind of organic compound which is easy to handle. The carbon would bond to it, in which case it would be out of the atmosphere and water bodies.

What appears as the most interesting idea is to produce a kind of organic compound that would be easy to handle. This compound would also capture carbon, which would mean less carbon in the atmosphere and water.

At the moment we are capable of producing methanol synthetically from carbon dioxide and water, i.e. the third energy could be stored in methanol. In the future, we will be able to prepare even better substances than methanol for storing third energy, such as hydrocarbons, of which the best known are gasoline and diesel oil.

The EMU device would allow  an industrial way to recycle carbon dioxide in a similar way plants do. They use carbon dioxide and water to make sugar, cellulose, vegetable fats, etc. through photosynthesis. When these substances are burned to obtain energy, they release carbon dioxide into the air. Plants can then us this carbon dioxide again in photosynthesis. Hence. plants recycle carbon dioxide.

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 The EMU device will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air?

The EMU device could be used to produce methanol in a hurricane from water and carbon dioxide. This chemical reaction would hence bind carbon, that is, carbon would in the methanol, not in atmosphere or in water.

When methanol is burned, the carbon dioxide produced could be collected and stored, and used to make new methanol! This way we could implement the recycling of carbon dioxide industrially. This method does not increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the air, because burning methanol creates the same amount of carbon dioxide as was used to produce it.

The use of bioenergy is also a way of recycling carbon dioxide on nature´s own terms.

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 The EMU device will reduce the destructive power of the hurricane?

Hurricane is harnessing energy symmetrically around the eye of it

Hurricane – symmetrical collection of energy from the winds of the hurricane eye.

Collecting energy from a hurricane reduces the peak strength of the storm. This then decreases the destructive power of the hurricane hitting land. If we want to substantially reduce the damage caused by the storm, we need a large number of the EMU devices.

In the normal set-up, the storm wind of storm would forcefully push the EMUs, which would then directed to circulate the  eye of the hurricane and collect energy even from its fiercest side winds.

In the adjacent animation the EMU devices are marked with blue lines. By controlling the deveces appropriately, we could  gather energy from the storm and even delay the hurricane or change the plase where it hits land.

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  Other benefits of using the EMU device

All over the world large meetings are held to prevent global warming, and based on the news this great problem needs to be resolved urgently. With the device presented on these web pages, it would be possible to alleviate the situation. The device can produce enough clean energy from hurricane in the future without increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. 

As a result of sufficently extensive use of the EMU devices presented above

  • there will be enough energy without desperate saving methods
  • we can meet the proposed emission standards for carbon dioxide and at the same time prevent further global warming
  • we can abandon nuclear power after the lifetime of current nuclear power plants
  • we can give up fossil fuels almost completely
  • we can recover the fields currently used for the production of bioenergy for food production
  • Rain Forests will not need to be destroyed for biodiesel production
  • We could reduce damages caused by marine hurricanes
  • According to calculations, this kind of energy production could be quite competitive against existing fossil hydrocarbons (gasoline, diesel oil)

The idea based on the EMU device is not perfect just yet, as some aspects of it still need improvement.

Turn the EMU into a game – and save the world :-/.

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