Developing the EMU into an addictive game

The energy-generating device EMU has been designed as an unmanned energy generator, whose operation is controlled by computers. These computers get their information from different sensors, satellites, radar, inertial devices nautical charts, meteorological data etc.

  • In order for this whole function seamlessly, a number of new ideas as well as computer applications are required.
  • Advanced game developers would have the possibility of creating manually controlled virtual devices.
  • Players would then use these virtual devices to “make gasoline” by skillfully controlling the EMUs in order to achieve the best results.
  • A link that opens with a password will give you a closer look at my thoughts about how to make gaming attractive to both beginners and experienced players.

Based on the EMU´s operation, it would also be possible to create an animated sci-fi  movie. This would require good scripts and a number of good animators who also understand science. The quality of animations should be very close to the quality of the main animation on the home page.

For game creators and developers

As yet, the development of the idea of EMU is nowhere near completion.  The technical implementation of many details still needs to be polished.

As an original designer of the idea, I would like to continue being involved in the further development of the idea as a critic and an innovator. Despite my background in information technology, I lack experience in game development, and not having been involved in film making, but in co-operation with my know-how could be of benefit.

When new ideas, programs / scripts to the EMU are created, the intangible rights remain for the potential creator of the game. He would thus also get a head start for the manufacturing, testing and utilizing the hurricane energy with the final implementation of the real prototype of the device.
Creating the game would allow development of the idea and the operational functions of the EMU without having to worry about the problems that may emerge when the idea is actually put into practice. At the same time, the  game company would have the possibility of developing different patents for the device and eventually to profiting from them in the future, when the ides of the EMU are put practice and the devices is used to produce energy.

Developing and playing the game would probably raise discussion about the EMU´s functionality, both for and against. In addition, it is worth to collaborate with technical institutes, colleges, universities, etc. in order to  improve the configuration and the efficiency of the EMU and also to store third energy. The idea of the EMU might also become so well-known that a third party, somebody outside the game industry, could begin to consider whether it would be possible to use the actual device for producing energy in a storm for its own needs.
If the device can be made to produce energy in excess of what is required, it would be possible to experiment with manufacturing or storing third energy, for example by charging batteries in an authentic environment during a hurricane.
If the batteries charged well in a real storm, the device could later be used to manufacture gasoline (or diesel oil, dimethyl ester) from carbon dioxide and water. When we actually do get to this point, these syntheses will probably be resolved, as will be the issues of collecting and storing carbon dioxide. After all this, it would then be possible to control and reduce the destructive forces of hurricanes or typhoons :-/

My goal is therefore to get skillful gaming professional interested in a challenging idea that would be able to act both as a gaming environment and later develop into a real energy producer  and a hurricane retainer.  I believe that the idea of saving the world by playing a game is excellent and also very current. It could very well appeal to people the world over.

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