A commercial promotion for the device under the EMU trademark, developed by Jyva-Soft Oy
Business ID: 1098385-6
Kekkilantie 113
41230 Uurainen


Hannu Airas

Main developer

  • Finnish High School graduate 1964
  • Teacher, Emeritus (retired)
  • Languages: Finnish
  • Studied at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland
  • BA degree in Natural Sciences while working. 1970
  • Major mathematics (grade 3/3)
  • Basic studies in physics (grade 2/3), Theoretical Physics (3/3), Chemistry (2.5 / 3) and Computer Science (no rating)
  • Qualified as a Junior Lecturer (mathematics, physics and chemistry) in 1973
  • All teaching materials and teaching management criticized excellent
  • Married since 1965, wife and three children, great-grandfather
  • Jyva-Soft Oy, Chairman of the Board
  • inventor, computer programmer, accountant

Currently retired. Worked as a teacher in 1968 – 2003, during which period as a rector in 1972 -1983.
Hobbies and interes

  • Main interest:  Information technology, especially programming (programs for teaching, financial management, industrial)
  • building houses
  • Maintenance and repair of machinery
  • Previous hobbies: (while younger) included acrobatics (tightrope walking) and gliding.

While working as a teacher, I was already interested in the question how to utilize the energy of storm. During that time, I did many calculations related to the subject and also began designing a possible device. After retired, I began working more seriously towards a solution for capturing the energy of the storm.

Jussi Airas

Second inventor of the EMU device

    • Finnish High School graduate, 1986
    • Commercial pilot
    • Trade Technician 2003 (financial administration & financing)

    Have been involved in the initial stages of the development of the EMU, registered as the second inventor.

    Valtteri Vehvilainen

    IT support

    • Languages: Finnish, English
    • IT networking, equipment service and repairs
    • Studied metal machining
    • Married since 2011

    Hobbies and interest

    • Main interest: IT networking, maintenance and repair
    • Repair and maintenance of cars and machinery